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Marval : Marvelous Validation

Marval provides an extensible, fluent, declarative API for defining data validation rules in boolean and predicate logic. This lets you skip writing tedious if-then logic to check for validity.

Marval provides simple callback endpoints that let the client decide how to handle both invalid and valid data.

Installing Marval

Marval is built with Maven.

$ git clone
$ mvn clean install

Using Marval

Custom Endpoints

Customize the endpoint of the data validations by providing a callback function. In Java:

class MyValidator implements Validator {
    public void validate(Object obj, BindingResult result) {
        //Logging validation
        the(obj).isAlphaNumeric().orDo(() ->"I'm not alphanumeric"));
        the(obj).isAmong(Arrays.asList("A", "B", "C")).thenDo(() ->"I am A, B, or C!"));

Marval doesn't depend on the JVM, so it compiles to JS as well.

Quantified Expressions

Marval supports first-order logic via universal, existential, and uniqueness quantifiers.

Custom Selectors

You can add your own custom selectors for Marval.

Selectors, by contract, accept an object argument and return a Selection.

In Java:

class CustomSelectors {
    //Select the largest digit of an Integer
    public static Selection largestDigitOf(Integer integer) {
        //Not required, but recommended.
        if(integer == null) { return new NullSelection(); }
        List<String> largest = Arrays.asList(integer.toString().split());
        return new SimpleSelection(largest.sort().get(0));
class CustomSelectorValidator implements Validator {
    public void validate(Object obj, BindingResult result) {

Custom Rules