Live dashboard for comparing JS frameworks. Built with JQuery, AJAX and SASS.
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Client-Side Javascript Framework Dashboard

A live dashboard displaying Github API metrics (and a few other stats) for leading client-side Javascript frameworks.


The problem

We are evaluating new client-side Javascript frameworks. To choose the "winning" technology, we need to compare:

  • development activity
  • community support
  • stability
  • other relevant information
  • sorting and filtering of data is desirable

Frameworks to be considered

Dashboard Requirements

  • Dashboard with automatic page refreshing
  • Display about 3 metrics from API data. Choose 3 that best indicate above to be compared from this list: Watchers, Stars, Forks, Commits, Pull Requests, Issues
  • Build dashboard with any front-end JS framework or better yet with vanilla JS.

Project thought process and actions taken

  • What is the basic necessary architecture & can I build it? (Yes. Angular or ajax, json, js data manipulation, rendering at intervals, bootstrap grid, etc.).
  • If I don't use Angular, can I sort? (Yes, with jquery tablesorter plugin).
  • Research github API. Do I need a authorization (No).
  • What do other dashboards look like? Can I build the UI? (yes).
  • Research API metrics to determine best indicators to solve problem (See article citations below).
  • Are these metrics readily available from API? Where? (Yes. Two are and third can be approximated. Third metric: Average time to close an issue (as indicator of community support) is beyond scope of this small project due to API data batching issues and I will have to use percentage of total issues closed (vs. left open). This is not directly available but can be calculated from other available API metrics.).
  • diagram minimal viable product code design to: Define variables, initiate ajax calls, repeat them on a determined schedule, combine data, run calculations and save new data into data, render data to page, enable sorting on table, show last refresh.
  • pseudocode.
  • clarify MVP and stretch scope requirements/goals.
  • code piece by piece. test. research. refactor. repeat.
  • refactoring. test against requirements.
  • redesign and refine UI.

Bugs/Issues Overcome

  • DataTables was producing warning: Cannot reinitialise DataTable and 3 or the 4 closed percentage numbers were NaN. This was because the render function containing the initialization of the table was being called repeatedly (my conditional for checking completion of data compiliation before doing this was failing). Solved both bugs by creating a tracking variable to increment on each call of calculate function and call render only when calculation (last step in building the allData object) had been called as many times as the lenght of the allData array.

Unsolved Problems and TODO items

  • Enhance visual design with charts, possibly using canvasjs
  • bug: Static table data no longer rendering
  • Get rid of global variables.
  • refactor code using loops etc. to follow DRY rule.