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React Motion and Fulcro

This is a simple demo project that shows you how to use React libraries like React Motion to accomplish animations. It uses shadow-cljs as the compiler, as that makes it much easier to integrate external NPM dependencies.

The package.json file is where we pull in react-motion. The CLJ dependencies are for running shadow-cljs itself in the JVM.

You can see it live at

Setting Up

The shadow-cljs compiler uses all cljsjs and NPM js dependencies through NPM. If you use a library that is in cljsjs you will also have to add it to your package.json.

You also cannot compile this project until you install the ones it depends on already:

$ npm install

or if you prefer yarn:

$ yarn install

Adding NPM Javascript libraries is as simple as adding them to your package.json file and requiring them! See the the Shadow-cljs User's Guide for more information.

Running the Cards

Running builds:

$ npx shadow-cljs watch cards
shadow-cljs - HTTP server for ":cards" available at http://localhost:8023

The compiler will detect which builds are affected by a change and will minimize incremental build time.

The URLs for working with cards is: http://localhost:8023


A demo project using shadow-cljs to pull in and use react-motion to get UI animations



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