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Voltmeter Clock Image


This is the repository for the AWK-105 Voltmeter clock. Here is where we'll be storing requirements documents, design history files, useful tidbits of information, and other material that otherwise wouldn't be release to manufacture or included in a Bill of Materials

##Consumer Facing Page The repo may be cool, but it's not for everyone. The consumer facing product page has the bulk of the media material.

Awkward Engineer Product Page

##How This Repo Is Organized In general, there are two categories of thing:

  • Artifacts that will become part of the Bill Of Materials and will be released to a manufacturer. This includes CAD files, drawings, Gerbers, etc.
  • Documentation and design files that record useful and important information, but that the manufacturer doesn't need to actually MAKE something.

The idea was to try to organize the documentation near the design file, kindof like things are arranged below.

|   |----CAD <=== BOM artifacts, 3d part files, drawings
|   |----Design Docs <=== Documentation specific to mechanical stuff |   |----Reference Mat. <=== Usually mostly .pdfs
|   |----CAD <=== Gerbers, net files, etc...
|   |----Design Docs <=== Documentation specific to electrical stuff

##Design Documents Here are some quick links to some design stuff, right off the bat.

[Requirements](Electrical/Design Docs/
[Microchip selection](Electrical/Design Docs/microcontroller
Sales strategy