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This package implements a modular framework for proxies that encapsulate traffic within some cover protocol to circumvent censorship based on deep packet inspection and endpoint fingerprinting techniques. For more information, check out this post.

This package is currently pre-alpha and is considered experimental.


  1. Unobservability. It should be difficult to distinguish obfuscated traffic from innocent background traffic using the same protocol.
  2. Endpoint-fingerprinting resistance. It should be difficult to use active probing to ascertain that a given server is actually a proxy server. This is accomplished by responding as a proxy if and only if a valid key is provided and falling back to some default behaviour otherwise.
  3. Modularity. It should be relatively easy to add support for another cover protocol or configure the behaviour of an existing protocol to adapt to changing adversarial conditions. This is facilitated by a modular architecture.
  4. Compatibility. It should be possible to route most application traffic through the proxy. This is why a SOCKS interface was chosen, but TUN support is also a goal.
  5. Performance. It should be fast and have minimal overhead.
  6. Usability. It should be easy to use.

Supported protocols

  • TCP


Requires Go version 1.16 or above.

Installation will build the package and install it into $GOPATH/bin.

git clone
cd rosen
go install

You can now run Rosen with the rosen command. For this to work $GOPATH/bin must be in your PATH.

If you just need a standalone binary, instead of go install run:

go build

or to cross compile (for example):

env GOOS=windows GOARCH=amd64 go build

env is a Unix command that temporarily sets environment variables, syntax may differ for other operating systems. A full list of supported GOOS and GOARCH values is available here.


Run the configuration tool to create a config file.

rosen -configure

Then on the server side run

rosen -mode server -config example.json

And finally on the client side run

rosen -mode client -config example.json

This will launch a SOCKS server on the default port (23579). Use the -help flag to see other options.

Future development

  • Verify SOCKS server supports UDP and IPv6.
  • TUN support in addition to SOCKS.
  • Support other cover protocols.
  • Support multiple clients per server.
  • Tests.


This is public domain software. See LICENSE for details.


Modular proxy tunnel that encapsulates traffic within a cover protocol to circumvent censorship.