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/* sascha steinbock is the manchild behind this shadangadang. He likes to make up words and other nonsense. */
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/* TEAM */
Name: Sascha Steinbock
/* extended version copied from the website because... why not? */
/* <h2 class="markdown-h1">About me</h2>
<p>The two single (double?) worst words in the context of websites. Writing about yourself is dreadful. Like hearing your voice on tape. No one should have to endure this torment. I am sulking and, instead, give you an unordered list of things I have done and leave it to you to make sense of it all. Only the first three are reverse chronological. So here it goes. Good luck.
<br />
<p class="apologize">I -sorry- had to start them all with ‘I’ because otherwise they sounded like a checklist and most of this was not going according to plan.</p>
<ul class="markdown-ul">
<li>I realized my freelancing had become financially successful. I should do it more often. But startups are more fun.</li>
<li>I saw the sunrise above a volcano in Indonesia. It was beautiful and I rarely ever felt so calm.</li>
<li>I quit my newly re-branded digital journalism venture UNTOLD.</li>
<li>I decided to live on the road for a while. </li>
<li>I accepted that I need help with some things. We all do. Yes, this shit is getting real.</li>
<li>I buried my first startup, guestly, an event management app.</li>
<li>I ran, ran, ran like the wind because I thought a wolf was after me.</li>
<li>I quit my part-time job as a designer at a corrupting, money-laundering company only weeks before they fired the marketing department.</li>
<li>I have never been beaten in arm-wrestling (but I have not been challenged in a decade).</li>
<li>When <span class="grey">-haha-</span> I was nineteen I refused a job offer for Frankfurt Stock Exchange’s outsourced editorial team. Wow, that was really misleading.</li>
<li>I jumped a fence and climbed a trash mountain to save a chair. It is now my asses best friend.</li>
<p>You’ve made it thus far. Now what?
<br />
It depends on who you are. Are we already acquainted? Use our regular means of communication and say hi!</p>
<p>If not, look around some more and see if you like my work. If you think ’That guy might be full of shit but, dammit, he is a bold motherfucker.’ you, Sir, are spot on. I am the puppet master and you have just tangled my twine. What a mess you’ve made. Are you happy?</p> */
/* SITE */
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Components: jQuery
Software: Espresso, Git, Tower, Chrome Dev Tools
/* THANKS */
Name: Stephen Hawking, Greg Geraldo, Satan, Jesus, Ghandi, Elon Musk, ~~Bill Gates~~ [I said Satan already], [anyone who’s not dead?...], Peter Griffin, [that’s not a real person. I could thank Seth MacFarlane], Kafka, [I am bored now... let someone else finnish this list ^^]