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What is this?

This repo is AWPUG's way of keeping sponsorships and meetups organized. If you want to get involved, fork this repo and issue a pull request.

We especially need people to sign up to be release managers beyond the next few months.


What is sponsoring?

Sponsorship is paying for food and beverages or any portion thereof. In return, you get in the heads and hearts of Austin's web developer community. It's usually $300-$400, depending on what type of food (tacos are more expensive than pizza, for instance). You can be as involved as you'd like: all the way from organizing everything, including sending out the announcements, to just handing us a check. We also tend to give our sponsors first dibs on giving a presentation.

We typically have between 30-60 attendees. Of course, you're welcome to come to the meetings and announce you're hiring no matter if you sponsor or not. The community looks at sponsorship as a way to ensure we continue to foster an awesome community, not necessarily as a way to pay for pimping your jobs.

Potential Speakers

  • Parnell Springmeyer mentioned he might be ble to do the March talk focusing on his experience using Python at his startup.
  • Bryce Hendrix has indicated interest in giving a future talk (maybe April?). He suggested a number of topics:
  • Django 1.7
  • micro-thread frameworks in Django/flask/etc
  • websockets with Django
  • django-nonrel
  • ORMs and large numpy arrays

Potential Sponsors

  • Brad Wiemerslage (Co-founder & CTO of Stormpulse, contacted Ben)
  • Keith Bray (Senior Manager, Software Development, Rackspace, contacted Ben)