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  • Who is release manager: day after meetup
  • Speaker or event planned: two weeks before (go over speaker guidelines)
  • Sponsor on board: two weeks before (May come with speaker) (go over sponsor guidelines)
  • Blurb from sponsor for announcement: two weeks before
  • Confim big room with capital factory: two weeks before
  • Send meetup announcement: 11 days out on Monday
  • Send tweet and post on Facebook: 11 days out
  • Confirm with speaker: 7 days out
  • Confirm with sponsor: 7 days out
  • Send meetup follow up: 4 days out (Monday)
  • Tweet and Facebook: 4 days out (Monday)
  • Determine food order: 4 days out (see breakdown sheet)
  • Obtain cooler: 4 days out
  • Last call for announcements from organizers: morning of
  • Send tweet/Facebook/req for RT: morning of
  • Obtain food & beer: afternoon of
  • Take at least at least one pic: during
  • Count attendees: during
  • Send rundown email: next day