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Heartbleed Static Checker

This is a static checker for Heartbleed type information disclosures written as a plugin to the clang analyzer framework, as described in a recent blog post. It is experimental and unsound.


With LLVM installed into /usr, mkdir build && cmake .. && make should build the plugin. If LLVM is not installed in /usr, cmake should be invoked with -DCMAKE_MODULE_PATH=/path/to/llvm/share/llvm/cmake. It should then build normally. This should also work on OSX though LLVM will need to be installed separately to get both the headers and libraries for checker plugin development as well as the scan-build tool.


To run on a demo, run the following command: cd demo/1/ && ../ /the/full/path/to/build/ Use the same to build openssl.

Debugging Tips

scan-build hooks into the make infrastructure, so only as much code will be built as would be if you ran make. So, if you are debugging an analysis and you want to only run the analyzer on one function, or one file, make the entire project, touch the file in question, and then run scan-build.