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AWS for GitHub Actions

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  1. configure-aws-credentials configure-aws-credentials Public

    Configure AWS credential environment variables for use in other GitHub Actions.

    TypeScript 2.4k 460

  2. amazon-ecr-login amazon-ecr-login Public

    Logs into Amazon ECR with the local Docker client.

    JavaScript 882 168

  3. amazon-ecs-deploy-task-definition amazon-ecs-deploy-task-definition Public

    Registers an Amazon ECS task definition and deploys it to an ECS service.

    JavaScript 625 228

  4. aws-codebuild-run-build aws-codebuild-run-build Public

    Run an AWS CodeBuild project as a step in a GitHub Actions workflow job.

    JavaScript 264 139

  5. amazon-ecs-render-task-definition amazon-ecs-render-task-definition Public

    Inserts a container image URI into an Amazon ECS task definition JSON file.

    JavaScript 261 138

  6. aws-cloudformation-github-deploy aws-cloudformation-github-deploy Public

    Deploys AWS CloudFormation Stacks

    TypeScript 242 120


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