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AWS SDK for iOS 2.6.33

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Bug Fixes

  • Amazon Pinpoint

    • Fixed 'Undefined symbols' error where AWSPinpointVersionString was not
      implemented when importing AWSPinpoint as a static library using CocoaPods.
      See issue#1050
    • Fixed incorrectly reported SDK version in Pinpoint events
      See issue#1051
  • Amazon S3

    • Fixed bug in AWSTransferUtility.default client to use a constant value for the NSURLSessionID. See issue#1067

Misc. Updates

  • Model updates for the following services
    • Amazon EC2
    • Amazon Transcribe
  • In all SDKs, the SDKVersion and SDKVersionString in the umbrella header
    are now deprecated, and will be removed in an upcoming minor version of the
    SDK. Use the service-specific version string instead.