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Add an Event

Interested in hosting an Amplify meetup, or speaking about Amplify at a conference? We are here to support you with AWS credits, swag (free merch such as stickers and an Amplify hoodie!), and our events starter kit that includes a presentation deck, and a list of sample projects.


  1. Send an email to detailing the type of event you would like to host (e.g. meetup or speaker at a conference).

  2. Fork this repo.

  3. If you haven't already, add yourself as an Amplify contributor.

  4. Create a new folder in the repo for your event /content/events/YYYY-MM-DD-desc

  5. Add an to the folder as follows:

    title: AWS Summit London
    description: "Learn about AWS Amplify at the AWS Summit."
    avatar: ./avatar.png
      - nader-dabit
    country: England
    city: London
  6. Upload an image at the root of your event folder (e.g. /content/events/YYYY-MM-DD-description/avatar.png)

  7. Submit a PR.

After we review the PR, we will add your event to our list of upcoming events.

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