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CloudFormation Linter integration, autocompletion, and documentation
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VS Code CloudFormation Linter uses cfn-lint to lint your CloudFormation templates. [cfn-lint logo]


Uses cfn-lint to parse and show issues with CloudFormation templates

For example if there is an image subfolder under your extension project workspace:



Requires cfn-lint to be installed: pip install cfn-lint

More information about cfn-lint can be found here

Extension Settings

  • cfnLint.path: path to the cfn-lint command
  • cfnLint.appendRules: Array of paths containing additional Rules
  • cfnLint.ignoreRules: Array of Rule Ids to be ignored
  • cfnLint.overrideSpecPath: Path to an Specification overrule file


The code for this plugin can be found on GitHub at awslabs/aws-cfn-lint-visual-studio-code

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