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Gitpod Ready-to-Code


This is how I set up my environment: (I am using for editing)

  1. fork the repo to your own github account
  2. prepend to the beginning of your github url. Mine becomes:
  3. once gitpod has started, in the terminal, run npm install && npm run theme This will install the dependencies and clone the theme submodule.

From here, you can use the online IDE to edit /content/chapter/ If you want to preview your edits, in the terminal, run: npx hugo server. That will start the local hugo server.

A dialog box will pop up telling you "A service is listening on port 1313, but is not exposed." -- press the expose button. After that, choose "open browser" to get a new tab with your preview site. As you save edits, this tab should refresh.

When you're happy with your edits, commit, push, and open a pull request to the upstream repo's main branch. Once merged, the preview site (linked above) will be refreshed.