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DeepRacer Core

The DeepRacer Core repository is a utility that is pulling together the different components required for DeepRacer local training. It is not meant for direct usage. If you are looking for the end-user interface to run training locally please go to Deepracer-for-Cloud

Main Components

The primary components of DeepRacer are four docker containers:

  • Robomaker Container: Responsible for the robotics environment. Based on ROS + Gazebo as well as the AWS provided "Bundle". Uses components of AWS Robomaker
  • Sagemaker Container: Responsible for training the neural network. Uses components of AWS Sagemaker
  • Reinforcement Learning (RL) Coach: Responsible for preparing and starting the Sagemaker environment.
  • Log-Analysis: Providing a containerized Jupyter Notebook for analyzing the logfiles generated. Uses Deepracer Utils.


The built Docker Containers can be found on Docker Hub:


A repository binding together everything needed for DeepRacer local.