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Micro Focus Enterprise Server on the AWS Cloud

This Quick Start automatically deploys Micro Focus Enterprise Server into a new or existing virtual private cloud (VPC) on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud in about 1.5 hours. The Quick Start includes AWS CloudFormation templates and a deployment guide with step-by-step instructions. It also includes an optional BankDemo demonstration application for testing the deployment.

Micro Focus Enterprise Server is an application deployment environment for IBM mainframe applications that have been running on the IBM z/OS operating system. Enterprise Server enables you to modernize and integrate your mainframe applications with technologies such as .NET and Java. It also provides flexible application deployment—across Linux and Microsoft Windows—on AWS.

This Quick Start is for you, if you’re:

  • A Micro Focus customer who has already deployed an IBM mainframe workload to Enterprise Server on premises, and you want to migrate these rehosted applications to the AWS Cloud easily.
  • Interested in exploring the feasibility of moving an IBM mainframe workload to the AWS Cloud, and you want a fully functioning production server for running mainframe applications that can be deployed quickly and easily.
  • A system integrator who installs and configures Enterprise Server deployments on premises, and you want a template to use as a starting point for installing and configuring Enterprise Server deployments on AWS.

Quick Start architecture for Micro Focus Enterprise Server on the AWS Cloud

For architectural details, best practices, step-by-step instructions, and customization options, see the deployment guide.

To post feedback, submit feature ideas, or report bugs, use the Issues section of this GitHub repo.

If you'd like to submit code for this Quick Start, please review the AWS Quick Start Contributor's Guide.