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Terraform AWS VPC

This module is designed to deploy into Terraform Cloud Authors: David Wright ( and Tony Vattahil (

Install Terraform

To deploy this module, do the following: Install Terraform. (See Install Terraform for a tutorial.)

Sign up for Terraform Cloud

Sign up and log into Terraform Cloud. (There is a free tier available.)

Configure Terraform Cloud API Access

Generate terraform cloud token

terraform login

Export the TERRAFORM_CONFIG variable

export TERRAFORM_CONFIG="$HOME/.terraform.d/credentials.tfrc.json"

Configure your tfvars file

Example filepath = $HOME/.aws/terraform.tfvars

Example tfvars file contents

AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY = "*****************"
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID = "*****************"
AWS_SESSION_TOKEN = "*****************"

(replace *** with AKEY and SKEY)

Note: STS-based credentials are optional but highly recommended.

!!!!CAUTION!!!!: Make sure your credential are secured ourside version control (and follow secrets mangement bestpractices)

Deploy this module (instruction for linux or mac)

Clone the aws-ia/terraform-aws-vpc repository.

git clone

Change directory to the root directory.

cd terraform-aws-vpc/

Change to deploy directory

cd setup_workspace.

Run to following commands in order:

terraform init

terraform apply or terraform apply -var-file="$HOME/.aws/terraform.tfvars".

Change directory to deploy dir (previous command auto generates backend.hcl)

cd ../deploy

terraform apply or terraform apply -var-file="$HOME/.aws/terraform.tfvars".

Terraform apply is run remotely in Terraform Cloud