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AWS o11y recipes



See CONTRIBUTING for more information.


This library is licensed under the MIT-0 License. See the LICENSE file.

Writing recipes

To write recipes we're using MkDocs with the Material theme. MkDocs is a static site generator, converting the Markdown files you edit to static HTML pages which are then served as via GitHub pages

Local preview

In order to locally preview the recipes site you need to have MkDocs installed, for example on macOS you can use brew install mkdocs. Further, we depend on the Material theme and some p[lugins you can install as follows:

pip install mkdocs-material mkdocs-awesome-pages-plugin mkdocs-macros-plugin

To generate a local preview do:

$ mkdocs serve
INFO     -  Building documentation...
INFO     -  Cleaning site directory

Now head over to where you should find the local preview of the recipes site.

If you are looking for formatting tips, check out the Material theme reference.

Note the following when writing a recipe:

  • The recipes are located in the docs/recipes/.
  • The name of the recipe follows in general the dimensions, for example, indicates a recipe for an EKS on EC2 setup, showing how to ingest metrics from a Go app into AMP and consume in AMG.
  • If you have any supporting files such as YAML manifests or scripts, create a directory with the same name as the recipe Markdown file, so in above case you would find a directory docs/recipes/ec2-eks-metrics-go-adot-ampamg/ that contains YAML files used in the recipes.
  • Put all your images, be it a screen shot or the like, into the docs/images directory.
  • When you create a new recipe, don't forget to link it from one of the top-level pages found in the docs/ directory. For example, above recipe you could add to,, and

IMPORTANT Before you send in a PR, make sure that the local preview with mkdocs serve renders OK, that is, all images are shown and the rest of the formatting, such as code, displays as you would expect.


Once you PR the repo, we will review and test the recipes and the merge of your PR kicks of a GitHub action that publishes your recipe automatically.