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Amazon Connect Integration -- CallMiner Eureka

This Quick Start configures a set of AWS resources to seamlessly integrate CallMiner Eureka with Amazon Connect.

CallMiner Eureka is a cloud-based customer engagement analytics platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to transform your Amazon Connect voice interactions into structured data, and analyze the data to uncover powerful business insights about your customers and contact center performance.

This integration enables Amazon Connect to send customer interaction data (recordings and call metadata) to Eureka for analysis, using an Amazon Kinesis data stream. Eureka automatically transcribes, categorizes, and scores your customer interactions, to create intelligence at scale that will drive better customer experience, improved contact center efficiency, and increased sales and revenue collection, and to help reduce regulatory and legal risk. In addition, Eureka automatically redacts your call recordings and transcripts to maintain Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. CallMiner Eureka is available in both Enterprise and Starter editions to best fit your business needs.

Architecture for CallMiner Eureka integration

For details and launch information, see the data sheet.

To post feedback, submit feature ideas, or report bugs, use the Issues section of this GitHub repo.

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