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Citrix ADC VPX on AWS

This Quick Start deploys Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC) VPX on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud in about 15 minutes. This Quick Start is for users who want to build and test a proof of concept or to create a production-ready solution with a highly available deployment of Citrix ADC VPX as a front end for their web applications.

Citrix ADC VPX is an all-in-one application delivery controller. It provides Layer 4 (L4) load balancing, Layer 7 (L7) traffic management, server offload, application acceleration, application security, and other essential application delivery capabilities for business needs.

This Quick Start is not available in all AWS Regions. For a list of supported Regions, see the Citrix Products on AWS Marketplace page on GitHub.

You can use the AWS CloudFormation templates included with the Quick Start to deploy Citrix ADC VPX in your AWS account in about 15 minutes. The Quick Start automates the following:

  • Deploying Citrix ADC VPX into a new virtual private cloud (VPC)
  • Deploying Citrix ADC VPX into an existing VPC

Quick Start architecture for Citrix ADC VPX on the AWS Cloud

For architectural details, best practices, step-by-step instructions, and customization options, see the deployment guide.

To post feedback, submit feature ideas, or report bugs, use the Issues section of this GitHub repo. If you'd like to submit code for this Quick Start, please review the AWS Quick Start Contributor's Kit.


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