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AWS IoT Camera Connector on the AWS Cloud

This Quick Start builds an Internet of Things (IoT) Camera Connector environment and serverless architecture on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud in about 5 minutes.

You can use this Quick Start to automate the connection—and simplify the management—of thousands of cameras through AWS IoT Core. You can also enable video streaming to Amazon Kinesis Video Streams for storage, playback, and machine learning–driven analytics.

The Quick Start includes a template and Config App to rapidly discover, provision, connect, and manage supported cameras and stream their output to Amazon Kinesis Video Streams in your AWS account.

The template creates resources in your AWS account to provision cameras as IoT things. The Config App helps you discover supported cameras on your local network. It also provides IoT certificates and other information necessary for supported cameras to stream video content to Amazon Kinesis Video Streams.

In 5 minutes or less, you can connect up to thousands of cameras and begin implementing streaming-video analytics solutions.

Quick Start architecture for AWS IoT Camera Connector on AWS Cloud

For architectural details, best practices, step-by-step instructions, and customization options, see the deployment guide.

To post feedback, submit feature ideas, or report bugs, use the Issues section of this GitHub repo. If you'd like to submit code for this Quick Start, please review the AWS Quick Start Contributor's Kit.

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