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This template features the open-source version of Spinnaker

Commercial support

Armory has an installer available and can provide commercial support for spinnaker. Visit for more info


Spinnaker is a Netflix open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence. It provides two core sets of features: cluster management and deployment management. For more information please refer to Spinnaker main website.

If you are interested in using Spinnaker on AWS, you can follow the instructions below to launch Spinnaker using CloudFormation or follow the official Spinnaker Getting Started guide.

AWS CloudFormation allows developers and systems administrators to create a collection of AWS resources as code in a template that can be provision repeatedly in an orderly and predictable fashion.

In order to launch Spinnaker on AWS, you would need to create a an instance running Spinnaker in a VPC's private subnet, instance role, base role for instances that Spinnaker will launch, and policies and permissions. This CloudFormation template takes care of the creation of most of that except for the base role and SSH key. The base role (BaseIAMRole) is a static string name that Spinnaker uses to assign role to instances it creates (aka IAM:PassRole permission). This cannot be created by CloudFormation because in order to prevent IAM resources name collision, CloudFormation does not allow you to control the IAM resource name therefore a role/user/group/policy created using CloudFormation will have a random name.

Alt text

Instruction - Using CloudFormation to Launch Spinnaker

Instructions to run Spinnaker using this Cloudformation:

  1. Create an EC2 Key Pair for connecting to your instances.

    1. Goto Console > EC2 > Key Pairs.
    2. Click Create Key Pair.
    3. Name the key pair my-aws-account-keypair
    4. AWS will download file my-aws-account-keypair.pem to your computer. $ chmod 400 the file.
  2. Run SSH and port forwarding Spinnaker web application and API to localhost

  3. Point your browser to http://localhost:9000 to start using Spinnaker


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