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Spotinst Elastigroup for Amazon ECS on the AWS Cloud

This Quick Start sets up an AWS architecture for Spotinst Elastigroup for Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) and deploys it into your AWS account in about 7 minutes.

Spotinst Elastigroup is an application scaling service. Similar to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Auto Scaling groups, Spotinst Elastigroup is designed to optimize performance and costs by leveraging Spot Instances combined with On-Demand and Reserved Instances.

Using a combination of automated Spot Instance management and the variety of instance sizes, the Spotinst Elastigroup autoscaler scales according to the task resource requirements, instead of cluster resource thresholds, and achieves over 90% resource utilization while keeping your cluster resources as defragmented as possible.

This Quick Start uses AWS CloudFormation templates to deploy Spotinst Elastigroup for Amazon ECS into a virtual private cloud (VPC) within a single AWS Region across multiple Availability Zones.

Spotinst Elastigroup for Amazon ECS architecture

To post feedback, submit feature ideas, or report bugs, use the Issues section of this GitHub repo.

If you'd like to submit code for this Quick Start, please review the AWS Quick Start Contributor's Kit.

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