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Amazon ECS Interstella Workshops CON209/318/319/407
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ECS Interstella Workshop

Do you have what it takes to code for Interstella?

Welcome to the Interstella Intergalactic Trading Company team.

Interstella is an trading company specializing in inter-system exchange of rare minerals and other goods. Several wise acquisitions made before the Great Ravine have given us unrestricted access on mining in several systems and business is booming.

But our logistics platform wasn't built to handle this load and we're at risk of losing our trade routes. Our engineers have suggested we look at using modern application architectures, containers, and devops, but they don't know anything about implementing them. Can you help us update our logistics platform and become the largest trading consortium in the galaxy?

Learning Paths:

Monolith to Microservices

AWS SF Summit SRV329 - Building Microservices with AWS Fargate

...More to come!

Have fun, we need you to make history!

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