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<title>Interstella Galactic Trading Co.</title>
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![Interstella Splash](images/splash.png)
## Welcome!
Welcome to the Interstella Intergalactic Trading Company team.
Interstella is an trading company specializing in inter-system exchange of rare minerals and other goods. Several wise acquisitions made before the Great Ravine have given us unrestricted access on mining in several systems and business is booming.
But our logistics platform wasn't built to handle this load and we're at risk of losing our trade routes. Our engineers have suggested we look at using modern application architectures, containers, and devops, but they don't know anything about implementing them. Can you help us update our logistics platform and become the largest trading consortium in the galaxy?
## Interstella GTC Workshops and Updates
This is a workshop series designed as a learning path starting with introductory Docker concepts to advanced container operations. The workshops are based on [Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)]( and [Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)]( to help you get familiar with AWS container offerings.
<h2 There are two ways to enjoy interstella:</h2>
<b>Monolith to Microservices (Fast Labs)</b>
1. Monolith to Microservices with AWS Fargate <i>coming soon!</i>
2. <a href="">Monolith to Microservices with EC2</a>
<b>Complete Path (Original Labs)</b>
1. <a href="">Learn how to Use Docker on AWS (Introductory)</a>
2. <a href="">Monolith to Microservices with Amazon ECS (Intermediate)</a>
3. <a href="">CI/CD for Containers on AWS (Intermediate/Advanced</a>
4. <a href="">Advanced Microservices Operations: Load testing, Monitoring, Service Mesh (Advanced)</a>
We're still going through feedback and making design decisions how to best offer this curriculum to folks in 2018. Stay tuned as we release more updates, which hopefully will include new features and functionality such as [AWS Cloud9]( and [AWS Fargate]( This page is the best place for up to date information about the series.
Thanks as always for your support and interest. If you have ideas for new modules or have requests/feedback, please send us a note!
## Github Details
#### Client Side Application Code
The Interstella app code is up on GitHub: [amazon-ecs-interstella-team GitHub Repo](
#### Server Side Code
There are server side assets that we are running (e.g. SNS topic, S3, API Gateway, DynamoDB). This is one of the areas we will be working on in preparation for relaunching this workshop series in 2018; the plan is to offer an admin CloudFormation stack which will allow you to run these assets on your own. The server section within the GitHub repo linked above is a work in progress, stay tuned!
## Contact Us
If you have any questions on our workshops or if you have feedback/suggestions, email []( We'll be joining the ECS community Slack group soon. Stay tuned.
## Credits
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