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Learning Amazon Kinesis Development
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getdakeen and pfifer Replaced Deprecated Method (#6)
* Update

Replaced deprecated methods with client builder and the new methods for setting the region, credentials, and configuration.

* Replacing Deprecated Methods

Replaced the deprecated method ClientConfiguration.setUserAgent() with prefix and suffix setters.
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NOTICE.txt Version 1.0.0 of Learning Amazon Kinesis Development Apr 7, 2015

Learning Amazon Kinesis Development

The master branch provides completed code for the Learning Kinesis Development series in the Kinesis Developer Guide.

Each learning module in the series has its own branch (for example, learning-module-1 branch for the first learning module). If you are interested in following the learning plan for this series, it is recommended that you start with the code in the corresponding module branch to stay in sync with each learning module.

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