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Amazon OpenSearch Service Monitor

This repository contains step by step demonstration to setup monitoring Stack for Amazon OpenSearch Service domains across all specified regions. This example uses AWS CDK and Python.

Table of Contents

  1. Context
  2. Prerequisites
  3. Deploy
  4. OpenSearch Subscription Filters
  5. Pre-built Monitoring Dashboards
  6. Pre-built Alerts
  7. Clean up
  8. Total Cost of Ownership


Amazon OpenSearch Service is a fully managed service that makes it easy for you to deploy, secure, and run OpenSearch cost effectively at scale. Customers often have an issue to manage and monitor multiple Amazon OpenSearch Service domains as those metrics and logs are not available at centralized place for troubleshooting the issue. This example helps you to configure a monitoring for Amazon OpenSearch Service domains, which will fetch the Cloudwatch Metrics and Cloudwatch logs from all domains at a regular interval. This example also comes with pre-built OpenSearch dashboards and Alerts.




The following tools are required to deploy this Monitoring tool for Amazon OpenSearch Service.

Git -
nodejs - python (3.6 or later) -

Create and deploy Amazon OpenSearch Service Monitor tool

Complete the following steps to set up the Amazon OpenSearch Service Monitor tool in your environment using CDK.

At a bash terminal session.

# clone the repo
$ git clone
# move to directory
$ cd amazon-opensearch-service-monitor

Clone Repo

# bootstrap the remaining setup (assumes us-west-2)
# Enter the e-mail address for alert, as that will be used for sending the alert
# Alternatively you can change e-mail address manually in opensearch/
$ bash
# activate the virtual environment
$ source .env/bin/activate


Bootstrap the CDK

Create the CDK configuration by bootstrapping the CDK.

# bootstrap the cdk
(.env)$ cdk bootstrap aws://yourAccountID/yourRegion

Terminal - Bootstrap the CDK


Use the AWS CDK to deploy opensearch stack for Amazon OpenSearch Service. This stack comprises of creating/deploying below components:

  1. Create VPC with 3 AZ
  2. Create and launch Amazon OpenSearch Service cluster (version 1.0) having two t3.medium data nodes with 100GB of EBS storage volume. These 2 nodes are spread across 2 different AZ's
  3. Create Dynamo DB table for timestamp tracking
  4. Create lambda function to fetch Cloudwatch metrics across all regions and all domains. By default it fetches the data every 5 min, which can be changed if needed.
  5. Create and launch an EC2 instance which acts as SSH tunnel to access dashboards, as all of our setup is secured and in VPC
  6. Create default OpenSearch dashboards to visualize metrics across all domains
  7. Create and setup default e-mail alerts to newly launched Amazon OpenSearch Service cluster
  8. Create Index template and Index State Management (ISM) policy to delete indices older than 366 days. (can be changed to different retention if needed)
  9. Monitoring stack has an option to enable Ultra Warm (UW) which is disabled by default, Change settings in this file to enable UW.
  10. Create lambda function to fetch Cloudwatch metrics and Cloudwatch logs across all regions.

Note: Complete stack gets setup with pre-defined configuration defined in, please review the settings such as e-mail, instance type, username, password before proceeding to deploy. You can also enable UW and dedicated master (if needed)

Run below command

(.env)$ cdk deploy

The CDK will prompt to apply Security Changes, input "y" for Yes.

Terminal - Deploy OpenSearch Monitor Tool

Once the app is deployed you will get the Dashboards URL, user and password to access OpenSearch Dashboards. Once logged in you can refer below sections to navigate around dashboards and alerts.

Note: After the stack is deployed you will recieve an e-mail to confirm the subscription, please confirm the same to start getting the alerts.

Post-Deployment: Setup OpenSearch subscription filters for Cloudwatch logs

Once stack is deployed successfully you need to create subscription filter and assign them to Lambda. Run to create the subscription filter (assuming the CW log groups with prefix as /aws/aes/domains), if there is any change in prefix please make sure to change above file before running the steps as below.

(.env)$ python3 opensearch/ deploy

Terminal - Setup CW Subscription filter Post Deploy

Pre-built Monitoring Dashboards

Monitoring domain comes with pre-built dashboards which can be accessed as below:

  1. Login to Dashboards: Access OpenSearch Dashboards with an IP obtained after the deployment and login as below Dashboards login screen

  2. Once logged in, select the private tenant from the pop up and then select dashboard as shown below OpenSearch Dashboards

  3. After clicking on dashboard, it displays list of the dashboard which comes as default OpenSearch Dashboards List

  • Domain Metrics At A glance : This gives a 360 degree view of all Amazon OpenSearch Service domains across the regions. Domain Metrics At A glance

  • Domain Overview : This gives a more detailed metrics for a particular domain, could help to deep dive for issues into a specific domain. Domain Overview

Pre-built Alerts

Monioring domains comes with pre-built alerts as below, which could help to get notified as an email alert for event such as Cluster Health, Disk Issue, Memory Issue , JVM issue etc.

Alert Type Frequency
Cluster Health - Red 5 Min
Cluster Index Writes Blocked 5 Min
Automated Snapshot Failure 5 Min
JVM Memory Pressure > 80% 5 Min
CPU Utilization > 80% 15 Min
No Kibana Healthy Nodes 15 Min
No Dashboards Healthy Nodes 15 Min
Invalid Host Header Requests 15 Min
Cluster Health - Yellow 30 Min


To clean up the stacks. destroy the opensearch stack, all other stacks will be torn down due to dependencies.

(.env)$ cdk destroy


To remove subscription for Cloudwatch logs run the script as below. This will traverse the Amazon OpenSearch Service cloudwatch logs and delete any filter which has been created during the deploy.

(.env)$ python3 opensearch/ destroy

Terminal - Post Destroy

Total Cost of Ownership

Running this solution will incur charges of less than $10 per day for one domain with additional $2 per day for each additional domain.

Reporting Bugs

If you encounter a bug, please create a new issue with as much detail as possible and steps for reproducing the bug. See the Contributing Guidelines for more details.


See CONTRIBUTING for more information.


This library is licensed under the MIT-0 License. See the LICENSE file.


This repository contains step by step demonstration to setup monitoring Stack for Amazon OpenSearch Service domains across all specified regions. This example uses AWS CDK and Python.



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