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Application Migration Workshop -

Self-paced activity that allows you to learn how to migrate applications to AWS cloud:

This repository includes:

  • Application Migration Workshop instructions deployed to

  • Application Migration Workshop resources (in ./resources folder) used to deploy the source environment (for the self-paced mode)

    • An Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) with a NAT Gateway
    • An Amazon EC2 machine with Apache HTTPD (ubuntu)
    • An Amazon EC2 machine with MySQL database (ubuntu)
    • Two AWS Lambda Functions (one generating EC2 Key Pair, one retrieving the EC2 Key Pair)
    • Amazon API Gateway as the entry point for lambdas
    • Users and roles required to run the workshop


Make sure you include the following text in your pull request "By submitting this pull request, I confirm that you can use, modify, copy, and redistribute this contribution, under the terms of your choice."