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Asynchronous Messaging Workshop


The Asynchronous Messaging Workshop is a collection of individual labs covering different aspects and patterns of asynchronous messaging. You will use Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS and AWS Step Functions during the workshop extensively and we will use AWS Lambda, AWS SAM and the AWS Management Console as well. Each lab can be done separately and there is no dependency between the rounds. Each lab takes between 15 - 30 minutes, depending which lab you are executing and whether you will use the AWS Console or AWS SAM.

  • Level: 300
  • Duration: Each lab takes 15 - 30 minutes:
    • Lab 0: Set-up the workshop environment
    • Lab 1: Fan-Out & Message Filtering
    • Lab 2: Topic-Queue Chaining & Load Balancing
    • Lab 3: Scatter-Gather Pattern
    • Lab 4: Orchestration and Coordination
  • Prerequisites:
    • AWS Account
    • AWS IAM User (with admin permissions)

Get started

To get started, click here to proceed to the workshop site.

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