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AWS & Alexa Workshop

Welcome to AWS & Alexa Workshop!

The goal of this workshop is learn how to build Alexa Skills using AWS Services. To access the workshop content, please visit

In this workshop, you will learn:

  1. How to build an Alexa Custom Kill
  2. How to build an Alexa-enabled Lamp using Smart Home Skill
  3. Implement Alexa Account Linking


The workshop website is built on Hugo. You do NOT need to install Hugo and clone this repo if you want to run this workshop. The following step is ONLY used to build the workshop material itself and run a localhost version of the content.

Install Hugo:

On a mac:

brew install hugo

On Linux:

Clone this repo:

From wherever you checkout repos: git clone (or your fork)

Clone the theme submodule:

cd aws-alexa-workshop
cd workshop

Run Hugo locally:

Run hugo server -D, and open http://localhost:1313/ in your browser. or

Run hugo will build your content locally and output to ./public/

Repo structure

├── metadata.yml                      <-- Metadata file with descriptive information about the workshop
├──                         <-- This instructions file
├── deck                              <-- Directory for presentation deck
├── resources                         <-- Directory for workshop resources
│   ├── code                          <-- Directory for workshop modules code
│   ├── policies                      <-- Directory for workshop modules IAM Roles and Policies
│   └── templates                     <-- Directory for workshop modules CloudFormation templates
└── workshop                          
    ├── buildspec.yml                 <-- AWS CodeBuild build script for building the workshop website (Note this is being deprecated in favour of automated builds within the platform. You shouldn\'t need to touch this file)
    ├── config.toml                   <-- Hugo configuration file for the workshop website
    └── content                       <-- Markdown files for pages/steps in workshop
    └── static                        <-- Any static assets to be hosted alongside the workshop (ie. images, scripts, documents, etc)
    └── themes                        <-- AWS Style Hugo Theme (Do not edit!)

What's Included

This project the following folders:

  • deck: UNUSED RIGHT NOW Future location to store your presentation materials. For now, you should store them centrally in a system like KnowledgeMine or Wisdom.
  • resources: UNUSED RIGHT NOW Store any example code, IAM policies, or Cloudformation templates needed by your workshop here.
  • workshop: This is the core workshop folder. This is generated as HTML and hosted for presentation for customers.


Learn how to build Alexa Skills with AWS Services.



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