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Building near real-time discovery platform
with AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis Firehose and Elasticsearch

This is the code repository for code sample used in AWS Big data blog Building a Near-Real-Time Discovery Platform with AWS


Overview of Example

AWS Lambda function

AWS Lambda function (lambda-s3-twitter-to-es-python/ that is triggered once a new file is created on S3. The function does the following:

  1. Reads the file content
  2. Parses the content to JSON format (Elasticsearch stores documents in JSON format)
  3. Analyzes Twitter data (lambda-s3-twitter-to-es-python/
      a. Extracts Twitter mentions (@username) from the tweet text.
      b. Extracts sentiment based on emoticons. If there’s no emoticon in the text the function uses textblob sentiment analysis
  4. Loads the data to Elasticsearch ( using elasticsearch-py library

You can download and unzip the deployment package (packages/, which already includes elasticsearch and textblob modules, or create a deployment package yourself.

Please replace <<PARAMETER>> with your values.

Modify s3-twitter-to-es-python/ by assigning es_host and es_port

Zip your deployment folder

cd path/to/s3-twitter-to-es-python
zip -r -9 ../ .

create IAM Role and name it <<LAMBDA_EXEC_ROLE>>

create aws lambda function

aws lambda create-function \
--region <<REGION>> \
--function-name s3-twitter-to-es-python  \
--zip-file fileb://path/to/ \
--role arn:aws:iam::<<ACCOUNT_ID>>:role/<<LAMBDA_EXEC_ROLE>> \
--handler lambda_function.handler \
--runtime python2.7 \
--timeout 120

Add S3 as the event source to the lambda function with your <<S3_BUCKET>> and <<S3_PREFIX>>

Running example

Create Firehose IAM Role named “firehose_delivery_role” based on the following policy:

{ "Version": "2012-10-17", "Statement": [ { "Sid": "", "Effect": "Allow", "Action": [ "s3:AbortMultipartUpload", "s3:GetBucketLocation", "s3:GetObject", "s3:ListBucket", "s3:ListBucketMultipartUploads", "s3:PutObject" ], "Resource": [ "arn:aws:s3:::<<S3_BUCKET>>" ] } ] }

setup nodejs application

cd firehose-twitter-streaming-nodejs
npm install

modify configurations in config.js

• firehose
  o DeliveryStreamName – name your stream. The app will create the delivery stream if it does not exist
  o BucketARN: Use <<S3_BUCKET>> that you entered as the event source for the lambda function
  o RoleARN: Use the Firehose role you created earlier (“firehose_delivery_role”)
  o Prefix: Use <<S3_PREFIX>> that you entered as the event source for the lambda function
• twitter – enter your Twitter application keys.
• region – your firehose region (e.g.: us-east-1, us-west-2, eu-west-1)

run the application

node twitter_stream_producer_app

Please see Building a Near-Real-Time Discovery Platform with AWS for more details on using Elasticsearch and Kibana as the discovery platform.

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