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re:Invent 2019

A collection of templates, sample code and documentation from the re:Invent 2019 Builder's Fair.


Title Description
AI/ML Blackjack Challenge Use AWS AI/ML to detect and track playing card rank and suit real-time from a camera
Automatic Anomaly Detection Tool a.k.a Sushi Detection Use AWS IoT Greengrass with Nvidia Jetson Nano to use Machine Learning detection at the edge
Autoponics: Happier Plants Python 3 app for controlling the sensors and actuators of the Autoponics thing
Clash of the Soccer Bots In this demo, you will see 2 soccer bots (NVidia Jetson Nanos) clash with each other and fight for a soccer ball
Connected Photo Booth (Cerebro) A connected photo booth built using a Raspberry Pi leveraging AWS Services like Rekognition and IOT Core to keep all the Cerebro's connected with Alexa providing the Voice interface
DeepPens A voice enabled Internet of Things (IoT) connected robot whiteboard that integrates with Amazon Transcribe for you to guess what is being drawn
Doodle Challenge Doodle Challenge is a multi-player game enabling you to compete against your fellow players, to see who can create the best doodles of a given subject
Drone Zone Drone Zone is a multi-drone command and control environment powered by AWS IoT/Greengrass
Fully Automated Farm Monitoring and automation solution using AWS IoT/ML to provide an optimal cultivation environment
Hot Desks re-imagined Ever looked for a spare unallocated desk at work? We use a Raspberry Pi, a motion-sensor, a simple algorithm and IoT Core to try and save you the pain of seeking spare resources.
IoT Racer IoT Racer is an IoT and Serverless project that displays long-distance command and control capabilities via a 4 player game of tag
Learn Languages with AWS AI/ML A casual game to learn languages with AWS AI/ML
Polyglot Bot A greeter bot that recognizes your greeting language and wish you back in the same language with hand gesture
Puente Puente is a machine learning model that recognizes static American Sign Language letters
Rhythm Cloud Learn to play the drums and learn AWS IoT
Skittles Sorter The Skittles Sorter automagically sorts your favorite snack based on their color, powered by the AWS IoT suite of services
Smart Garage Control your garage using Alexa using Raspberry Pi
Sports Scoring using Machine Learning Track and display the score of a Cornhole game using a camera and Amazon SageMaker
Walking Robot We use AWS RoboMaker to design, simulate and then help build a physical limbs and motors, we then use Sagemaker to help learn balance and then IoT to control and use feedback of real-world measurements to compare with the simulated data
Zombie LEGO® IoT Robot Build a LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 Robot, with the Robot Operating System and AWS RoboMaker, AWS IoT Greengrass, Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi Camera and a console gaming controller


This library is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

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