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CDK Java Example

This is an example of a CDK program written in Java.


To build this app, run mvn compile. This will download the required dependencies to compile the Java code.

You can use your IDE to write code and unit tests, but you will need to use the CDK toolkit if you wish to synthesize/deploy stacks.

CDK Toolkit

The cdk.json file in the root of this repository includes instructions for the CDK toolkit on how to execute this program.

Specifically, it will tell the toolkit to use the mvn exec:java command as the entry point of your application. After changing your Java code, you will be able to run the CDK toolkit commands as usual (Maven will recompile as needed):

$ cdk ls
<list all stacks in this program>

$ cdk synth
<cloudformation template>

$ cdk deploy
<deploy stack to your account>

$ cdk diff
<diff against deployed stack>
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