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APIGateway with CORS, Lambdas, and CRUD on DynamoDB

Stability: Stable

This is a stable example. It should successfully build out of the box

This examples does is built on Construct Libraries marked "Stable" and does not have any infrastructure prerequisites to build.

This an example of an APIGateway with CORS enabled, pointing to five Lambdas executing CRUD operations on a single DynamoDB table.


To build this app, you need to be in this example's root folder. Then run the following:

npm install -g aws-cdk
npm install
npm run build

This will install the necessary CDK, then this example's dependencies, and then build your TypeScript files and your CloudFormation template.


Run cdk deploy. This will deploy / redeploy your Stack to your AWS Account.

After the deployment you will see the API's URL, which represents the url you can then use.

The Component Structure

The whole component contains:

  • An API, with CORS enabled on all HTTTP Methods. (Use with caution, for production apps you will want to enable only a certain domain origin to be able to query your API.)
  • Lambda pointing to src/create.ts, containing code for storing an item into the DynamoDB table.
  • Lambda pointing to src/delete-one.ts, containing code for deleting an item from the DynamoDB table.
  • Lambda pointing to src/get-all.ts, containing code for getting all items from the DynamoDB table.
  • Lambda pointing to src/get-one.ts, containing code for getting an item from the DynamoDB table.
  • Lambda pointing to src/update-one.ts, containing code for updating an item in the DynamoDB table.
  • A DynamoDB table items that stores the data.
  • Five LambdaIntegrations that connect these Lambdas to the API.

CDK Toolkit

The cdk.json file in the root of this repository includes instructions for the CDK toolkit on how to execute this program.

After building your TypeScript code, you will be able to run the CDK toolkits commands as usual:

$ cdk ls
<list all stacks in this program>

$ cdk synth
<generates and outputs cloudformation template>

$ cdk deploy
<deploys stack to your account>

$ cdk diff
<shows diff against deployed stack>
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