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Classic Load Balancer

Stability: Stable

This is a stable example. It should successfully build out of the box

This examples does is built on Construct Libraries marked "Stable" and does not have any infrastructure prerequisites to build.

This example creates an AutoScalingGroup (containing a Micro-T2 EC2 machine running the Amazon Linux AMI), and a ClassicLoadBalancer inside a shared VPC. It hooks up an open listener from the Load Balancer to the Scaling Group to indicate how many targets to balance between.

For more info on using Auto Scaling with Load Balancing see the AutoScaling guide here.


To build this app, you need to be in this example's root folder. Then run the following:

npm install -g aws-cdk
npm install
npm run build

This will install the necessary CDK, then this example's dependencies, and then build your TypeScript files and your CloudFormation template.


Run cdk deploy. This will deploy / redeploy your Stack to your AWS Account.

After the deployment you will see the API's URL, which represents the url you can then use.

Synthesize Cloudformation Template

To see the Cloudformation template generated by the CDK, run cdk synth, then check the output file in the "cdk.out" directory.

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