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AWS CodeBuild Samples

Utilities and samples for building on CodeBuild

Sample App: Simple Calculator Service

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Simple Node.js Express-based web service that demonstrates continuous integration with AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeCommit, and GitHub, as well as continuous deployment with AWS CodeDeploy/CodePipeline. This application was written for demo purposes only, and is definitely not production ready.

CI Tooling (Buildspecs)

The buildspecs folder contains the following buildspec files for use with AWS CodeBuild:

  • build.yml: Basic npm-based build with unit tests and code coverage report.
  • shrinkwrap.yml: Upgrade npm dependencies and push an updated shrinkwrap file to source code repository.
  • sonarqube.yml: Run static code analysis against a SonarQube endpoint, with the endpoint and token stored in SSM Parameter Store.
  • build-test-suite-1.yml and build-test-suite-2.yml: Parallelize the unit tests into two separate projects.
  • environment.yml: Build a Docker image with cached npm dependencies
  • build-with-image-cache.yml: Use the cached npm dependencies from a custom Docker image.

CI Tooling (Glue)

The ci_tools folder contains the following tools for use with AWS Lambda and Amazon CloudWatch Events to hook together the end-to-end CI process:

  • trigger_codebuild.js: Lambda function to start a CodeBuild build.
  • slack_notifications.js: Lambda function to post CodeBuild build notifications into a Slack channel.
  • email_notifications.js: Lambda function to send CodeBuild build notification emails via Amazon SES.
  • codecommit_pr_notifications: Lambda function to start a CodeBuild build for CodeCommit pull request notifications, and comment on a CodeCommit pull request for CodeCommit build notifications.
  • cwe-rule-configuration/branch_ci.json: CloudWatch Events rule pattern to start a CodeBuild build for every push to the master branch of a CodeCommit repository.
  • cwe-rule-configuration/slack_event_pattern.json: CloudWatch Events rule pattern to notify Slack for failed CodeBuild builds.
  • cwe-rule-configuration/nightly_build_input.json: CloudWatch Events target input to start a CodeBuild build with a specific buildspec override and project name.

CD Tooling

Contains an appspec.yml file and deploy_scripts folder for deploying the service with AWS CodeDeploy.

CloudFormation Templates

Create a CodeCommit repository called 'aws-codebuild-samples' and push this sample code into the repo. Then spin up all of the above easily with CloudFormation.

Continuous Deployment

Set up continuous deployment with a CodePipeline pipeline:

aws cloudformation deploy --stack-name aws-codebuild-samples --template-file cloudformation/continuous-deployment.yml --capabilities CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM

aws cloudformation describe-stacks --stack-name aws-codebuild-samples --query 'Stacks[0].Outputs[?OutputKey==`PipelineConsoleUrl`].OutputValue' --output text

Wait for the pipeline to finish deploying, then access the Test and Prod stack applications:

aws cloudformation describe-stacks --stack-name aws-codebuild-samples-test-stack --query 'Stacks[0].Outputs[?OutputKey==`Url`].OutputValue' --output text

aws cloudformation describe-stacks --stack-name aws-codebuild-samples-prod-stack --query 'Stacks[0].Outputs[?OutputKey==`Url`].OutputValue' --output text

Continuous Integration: Nightly Checks

Choose an email address for receiving email notifications. Then, verify the email address in SES before setting up the CloudFormation stack.

mkdir build

S3_BUCKET=$(aws cloudformation describe-stacks --stack-name aws-codebuild-samples --query 'Stacks[0].Outputs[?OutputKey==`ArtifactsBucket`].OutputValue' --output text)

aws cloudformation package --template-file cloudformation/continuous-integration-nightly-checks.yml --s3-bucket $S3_BUCKET --force-upload --output-template-file build/continuous-integration-nightly-checks.yml

aws cloudformation deploy --stack-name aws-codebuild-samples-nightly-checks --template-file build/continuous-integration-nightly-checks.yml --capabilities CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM --parameter-overrides NotificationEmailAddress=""

Continuous Integration: Branch Checks

Configure the webhook in Slack:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Search for and select "Incoming Webhooks".
  3. Click "Add Configuration".
  4. Choose a channel and click "Add Slash Command Integration".
  5. Copy the Webhook URL from the integration settings.
  6. Store the token in Parameter Store: aws ssm put-parameter --name codebuild-samples-slack-webhook --type SecureString --value <webhook URL> (Note: you will need to set cli_follow_urlparam = false in your AWS CLI config file first)

Then spin up the stack in CloudFormation:

mkdir build

S3_BUCKET=$(aws cloudformation describe-stacks --stack-name aws-codebuild-samples --query 'Stacks[0].Outputs[?OutputKey==`ArtifactsBucket`].OutputValue' --output text)

aws cloudformation package --template-file cloudformation/continuous-integration-branch-checks.yml --s3-bucket $S3_BUCKET --force-upload --output-template-file build/continuous-integration-branch-checks.yml

aws cloudformation deploy --stack-name aws-codebuild-samples-branch-checks --template-file build/continuous-integration-branch-checks.yml --capabilities CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM

Continuous Integration: Pull Request Checks

Spin up the stack in CloudFormation:

mkdir build

S3_BUCKET=$(aws cloudformation describe-stacks --stack-name aws-codebuild-samples --query 'Stacks[0].Outputs[?OutputKey==`ArtifactsBucket`].OutputValue' --output text)

aws cloudformation package --template-file cloudformation/continuous-integration-pull-request-checks.yml --s3-bucket $S3_BUCKET --force-upload --output-template-file build/continuous-integration-pull-request-checks.yml

aws cloudformation deploy --stack-name aws-codebuild-samples-pull-request-checks --template-file build/continuous-integration-pull-request-checks.yml --capabilities CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM


This library is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.


Utilities and samples for building on CodeBuild



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