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Various Examples and AWS SDK code examples for Amazon DynamoDB

An Amazon Web Services and DynamoDB community-led repository containing code and examples for developing with and using Amazon DynamoDB.

We have IAM policies for DynamoDB, a script to load an existing table into NoSQL Workbench, CloudFormation examples, and a CDK to track table size and item count histories to CloudWatch.

We also have AWS SDK code examples for DynamoDB in various languages. You can find each language examples here:

PS. If you are up for contributing, we welcome community pull requests.

All code in this repository is provided as is, where is. There are no guarantees, either expressed or implied. It is up to you to check what they do and utilize the code responsibly.

Special thanks to other contributors to this repo before it was moved over to this current location. Here are their GitHub users:

  • @jprivillaso
  • @tywalch
  • @normj
  • @jasonwadsworth
  • @johanrin
  • @DejanBelic
  • @TLaue