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AWS Glue ETL Code Samples

This repository has samples that demonstrate various aspects of the new AWS Glue service, as well as various AWS Glue utilities.

These are all licensed under the Amazon Software License (the "License"). They may not be used except in compliance with the License, a copy of which is included here in the LICENSE file.

You can find the AWS Glue open-source Python libraries in a separate repository at: awslabs/aws-glue-libs.


  • FAQ and How-to

    Helps you get started using the many ETL capabilities of AWS Glue, and answers some of the more common questions people have.

  • Join and Relationalize Data in S3

    This sample ETL script shows you how to use AWS Glue to load, transform, and rewrite data in AWS S3 so that it can easily and efficiently be queried and analyzed.

  • Clean and Process

    This sample ETL script shows you how to take advantage of both Spark and AWS Glue features to clean and transform data for efficient analysis.

  • The resolveChoice Method

    This sample explores all four of the ways you can resolve choice types in a dataset using DynamicFrame's resolveChoice method.

  • Hive metastore migration

    This utility can help you migrate your Hive metastore to the AWS Glue Data Catalog.

  • Crawler undo and redo

    These scripts can undo or redo the results of a crawl under some circumstances.