@atoa atoa released this Jan 12, 2018 · 84 commits to master since this release

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This release brings significant improvements which include various
breaking changes (see items with the [BREAKING] label). It overhauls
the following areas:

  1. The loader script has been integrated into a single library. This
    makes it easier to load the chatbot UI component since now there's only
    one JavaScript file and a unified configuration
  2. CloudFormation master template has been split into two different
    templates based on the deployment mode (CodeBuild or Pipeline). This
    simplifies the templates and their parameters
  3. The chatbot UI messages are now encapsulated in a custom component
    instead of a chip. The messages now display a date when clicked and can
    show a bot avatar image next to the bot messages. More importantly, the
    new message component will makes it easier in the future to extend the
    content displayed in messages (e.g. adding html/markup rendering)


  • [BREAKING] Merged fullpage and iframe loader functionality
    into a library that loads from a single script. If you were using
    including the chatbot-ui-*loader.js scripts, you should change it to
    lex-web-ui-loader.js. This new library uses a constructor to create
    a loader object. The loader object must explicitly call its load()
    function to load the component. For details, see the README under the
    src/lex-web-ui-loader directory and the html files under src/website.
  • [BREAKING] Changed loader config to use a unified file for both the
    iframe and full page loader. The new default configuration file name is:
    lex-web-ui-loader-config.json. See a sample under the src/config/
    directory. [dbcac4c]
  • Changed loader to allow keeping parent origin in config when
    embedded [245ac70] - Changed
    loader build environment to be based on webpack. This includes
    integration with babel, eslint, post-css and webpack-dev-server
  • Changed message bubble from vuetify chips to a custom component. This
    was done to allow greater flexibility in the style and structure of the
    message bubbles and in preparation to render a more complex message format
  • Changed vertical overflow in non-mobile devices to allow scrolling. This
    enables mobile browsers to go full-screen when scrolling
  • Changed height calculation of toolbar, inputbar and message list to
    make it more deterministic across browsers
  • Bumped dependency versions [48aa6ac,


  • Added time stamps to messages. It is shown under message bubbles when
    focused [bd9e9f3]
  • Added basic mobile resolution detection
  • Added the ability to include an avatar image next to the bot messages
  • Added message list event handler to scroll down to the bottom
  • Added CSS to auto hyphernation and word break text in messages
  • Added automated test for MessageList and Message components
  • Added origin configuration support to CodeBuild deployment
  • Added a dynamically created page containing a code snippet and config
  • added a base URL parameter to the loader which is used to
    with relative links for the JSON configuration and dependencies


  • [BREAKING] Removed iframe loader config file:
    src/config/chatbot-ui-iframe-loader-config.json. Its functionality
    is now integrated in src/config/lex-web-ui-loader-config.json.
  • [BREAKING] Splitted the master cloudformation template into two
    different template to separate the CodeBuild and Pipeline deployment
    modes. This makes the templates much simpler and easier to configure
  • Removed the need to include CSS to manage overflow at the
    body tag level and removed display flex for the app element
  • Removed promise catch statements in loader script to allow user scripts
    to handle exceptions [bd929d6]


  • Fixed a bug where the AWS SDK was loaded in the incorrect order
  • Fixed a bug where the component config initialization had a timing issue
    when running in embedded mode [66de81c]
  • Fixed a bug where the toolbar image caused an error when not present
  • Fixed a bug where the display of dialog state in messages had the
    wrong alignment [d993d7a]
  • Fixed parent page in dev/test environment of component