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Sending email with SES and .NET.docx


Sending Emails with AWS SES and .NET

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Level 200 Content

Create a .NET Framework or .NET Core 2 App to Send Email via Amazon Simple Email Service

Overview and Services Used:

This walk-through comprises a Microsoft Word doc, along with a .NET Core console application. The only service used is Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). The walk-through includes verifying the sender email address in the console, creating and configuring a simple console app in either Visual Studio or via the command line, and then running the app to actually send the email. The code could easily be run in a Lambda function or anywhere else .NET code (Framework or Core) can run.

  • Links to documentation

  • Prerequisites

    • .NET Framework 3.5 or higher, or .NET Core 2.0 or higher installed
    • AWS Account with credentials configured locally in Visual Studio or using the CLI
    • Optional: Visual Studio 2017 (you can also use the command line for .NET Core)
  • External libraries:

    • NuGet Package AWSSDK.SimpleEmail (adding package is included in walk-through)