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AWS re:Invent 2019 Mobile Workshops
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re:Invent 2019 AWS Mobile Workshop

This is the official repository for AWS re:Invent 2019 Mobile Workshops and Builder Sessions.


Build and ship full-stack serverless apps with AWS Amplify

Learn how to use AWS AppSync and the AWS Amplify Framework to code, build, and deploy engaging full-stack serverless apps in React. We showcase how AWS AppSync provides data to your apps and lets you create robust, scalable GraphQL APIs to securely access and manipulate data from multiple sources, with both online and offline capabilities. See how the Amplify Framework simplifies building and connecting to a serverless backend with a powerful toolchain and resourceful library. Finally, learn how to deploy your app to the cloud using the AWS Amplify Console, which provides built-in hosting and out-of-the-box CI/CD capabilities. Please bring your own laptop.

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Implement authentication and authorization flows in your iOS apps

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Learn how to leverage custom authentication flows and social-provider identity federation (log in with Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc.) in your iOS application. You do this hands-on by building and deploying a modern iOS app using AWS Amplify and serverless services such as AWS AppSync (GraphQL API), Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon S3. This workshop is suitable for all, even if you're not a cloud expert. This is an iOS/SwiftUI hands-on development workshop; please bring your own Mac with Xcode 11 already installed (it's too large to be downloaded or installed during the workshop). Having Python 3 and Node.js installed will speed things up.

Owner : or @sebsto


AWS Amplify CLI: Make it work for you

AWS Amplify is an open-source fully extensible framework that allows you to develop and iterate quickly. In this session, take a deeper look at extending the CLI to add new functionality. We also implement new plugins and/or transformers to augment the capabilities of the framework. Please bring your laptop.

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