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This is the source code for


Dec 2 First delivery at re:Invent 2019

Nov 15 Dry Run done

Oct 27 First draft of workshop instruction released

Oct 23 Workshop web site is scaffolded and deployment pipeline ready.

Oct 22 Final application is working and demo-able. Some tweaks and improvements can be done, but I have a basis to start to write the core of the workshop now.


Workshop Code

  • eliminate the TODO in the code

Workshop Instructions

  • remove re:invent specific instructions
  • add s3 async download code to workshop instructions
  • add instruction to use other IDP (apple, google, amazon)
  • use Hugo page resource to load images


  • use curl to download ZIP file
  • test presence of ~/.aws directory in setup instructions
  • refactor code to download images asynchronously (GitHub only)
  • add permissions to view Cognito in the console
  • debug ../../scripts/
  • test and dry run
  • refactor IAM permissions to use least priviledge
  • add reinvent specific instructions to use event engine accounts
  • scaffold the workshop web site
  • host the project on github + amplify console for hosting and CI/CD. Use the shared evangelist account.
  • write the workshop instructions
  • add instructions for identity federation (section 6)
  • add instruction to use a custom GUI screen (section 7)
  • Fix landmark details page
  • code : cache downloaded images

Dir Structure

x (you are here)
|-- code
      |-- Complete       <== this is the final result of the workshop
      |-- StartingPoint  <== this is the starting point of the app
|-- instructions         <== this is the static web site


The instruction web site is generated with Hugo and the Learn theme. To build the web site :

cd instructions

To serve the web site in development mode:

cd instructions
hugo serve

This site is automatically deployed to

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