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AWS Network Resource Counter for Amazon VPC


This project is intended to help with tracking networking resources in a single Amazon VPC. It will create an AWS Lambda function that will count specific network resources and create CloudWatch metric for each measurement. The measurements are published at an interval of your choice.

Counted resources and their metrics:

When you run this code you can select the CloudWatch metric namespace under which the metrics will be tracked.

Below are the generated CloudWatch metrics and resources they are tracking:

  • IPaddressCount - Total number of IP addresses in a VPC (combined IPv4 and IPv6 addresses)
  • PrefixDelegationCount - Total number of prefix delegations in a VPC. You can read more about prefix delegation feature here
  • NLBeniCount - Total number of Network Load Balancer (NLB) Elastic Network Interfaces (ENI). The default quotas for NLB ENIs are listed here
  • VPCendpointEniCount - Total number of VPC Interface Endpoints (powered by PrivateLink). The default quotas for VPC Endpoints are covered here
  • LambdaEniCount - Total number of VPC Elastic Network Interfaces used by AWS Lambda. AWS Lambda quotas are covered here

Once you have these metrics in CloudWatch you can easily create alarms to let you know that a certain value is getting close to the offered quota. You can find out how to create a CloudWatch alarm from a metric here


The AWS Lambda code required for this sample to run in your AWS account is in the networkResourceCounter folder. If you want to manually deploy it in your account you'll need to setup appropriate permissions for your Lambda to be able to describe ENIs and publish metrics to CloudWatch. You will also need to setup a schedule based CloudWatch event to run it.

If you prefer to use SAM CLI to automate the deployment process you can follow the steps below.

Prerequisites for SAM CLI

To streamline the setup process, this project is using AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM). All the components and their interactions are defined in the AWS SAM template that can be easily deployed into your AWS account.

To use the AWS SAM Command Line Interface (CLI) and complete this project, you need the following tools.

SAM Deployment Walkthrough

  1. Confirm you completed all prerequisites listed above
  2. Clone or Download this repository into your local machine
  3. Follow instructions below to build a sam project.

To build project:

sam build

To deploy project:

sam deploy --guided

You will be prompted for parameter values. Below table explains their purpose.

Property Description Value Format Example
Stack Name The name of the stack to deploy to CloudFormation. give it a unique name
AWS Region AWS Region where you deploy your app. This must be the same region where your VPC is hosted and where CloudWatch metrics will be published into us-west-x
VPC ID The ID of the VPC you want to monitor resources for. Make sure it's in the correct AWS Region vpc-123
CloudWatch Namespace The custom namespace to group your CloudWatch metrics CUSTOM/VPC_Network_Resource_Tracker
Schedule Provide a value in minutes on how often you want the counter to run. Supported values from 5 to 1440 30


See CONTRIBUTING for more information.


This library is licensed under the MIT-0 License. See the LICENSE file.


See CONTRIBUTING for more information.


This library is licensed under the MIT-0 License. See the LICENSE file.


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