An ASP.NET Web API application that has been instrumented for AWS X-Ray
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An ASP.NET Web API application that has been instrumented for AWS X-Ray.

This application is written to be deployed with Elastic Beanstalk. It uses .ebextensions to setup AWS resources and configuration, which includes:

  1. Create a DynamoDB table
  2. Set an application confige DDB_TABLE_NAME with the create DynamoDB table name
  3. Install AWS X-Ray daemon as a Windows service

How to Run The App

  1. Create a RDS SQL Server DB instance. Steps

  2. Construct the connection string for SQL Server and fill it into web.config key "RDS_CONNECTION_STRING".

  • "Data Source=(RDS endpoint),(port number);User ID=(your user name);Password=(your password);"
  1. Deploy the application to Elastic Beanstalk. Steps.
  • Make sure you attached an IAM role to your EC2 instance with the following policy
    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [
            "Action": [
            "Resource": [
            "Effect": "Allow"
  1. Access the application using EB environment URL.


  1. What to do if I get an "Error: Internal Server Error"?
  • You can use AWS X-Ray to debug this. Go to AWS X-Ray console and find the failed trace, and look for Exception. Probably because you EC2 instance don't have the enough permission to access DynamoDB or RDS DB instance.