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Protect caches in CloudFront using signed cookie

This is a serverless web app protecting cached assets in CloudFront by using signed cookie.

1. Prepare a Hosted Zone in Route53

Only public hosted zone is tested.

  1. Note Domain name and Hosted zone ID.
  2. Edit ./cdk.json
  "config": {
    "domainName": "Replace with Domain Name",
    "hostedZoneId": "Replace with Hosted zone ID",

2. Generate key and upload it to Secrets Manager

  1. Run the following command on your terminal.
openssl genrsa -out ${KEYPAIR_NAME}.pem 2048
openssl rsa -pubout -in ${KEYPAIR_NAME}.pem -out ${KEYPAIR_NAME}_pub.pem
aws secretsmanager create-secret \
 --name ${KEYPAIR_NAME} \
 --secret-binary fileb://${KEYPAIR_NAME}.pem

Then you get the json like below.

  "ARN": "arn:aws:secretsmanager:yourregion:accountnumber:secret:signed-cookie-ascii",
  "Name": "signed-cookie",
  "VersionId": "XXXX"

Note ARN.

  1. Edit ./cdk.json
  "config": {
    "privateKeySecretCompleteArn": "Replace with ARN in the above json"

3. Create Trusted Key Group on AWS Console

  1. Open CloudFront
  2. Go to Key Management > Public Keys
  3. Click Create public key
  4. Paste ${KEYPAIR_NAME}_pub.pem created the previouss step. Name has no effect to this deployment. And hit Create public key.
  5. Got to Key Management > Key groups
  6. Click Create key group
  7. Input your favorite Name and select the public key you created before in Public keys field. And hit Create key group.
  8. Move to the detail page of the key group.
  9. Edit ./cdk.json
  "config": {
    "keypairId": "ID on Public keys panel",
    "publicKeyId": "ID on Details panel",

4. deploy with cdk

npm ci
npm run cdk bootstrap
npm run cdk bootstrap -- --region=us-east-1
npm run cdk deploy -- --all

certificate-stack is only deployable in us-east-1.

5. Test on the browser

  1. Open the url https://app.{your domain}. eg. if your domain is
  2. Image is not visible.
  3. Click Get Signed Cookie button.
  4. You see my pretty dog and cookie in dev tool.

Clean up

npx cdk destroy --force --all


See CONTRIBUTING for more information.


This library is licensed under the MIT-0 License. See the LICENSE file.