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Code and walk-through to assemble, program and build a multi-user Amazon FreeRTOS and AWS IoT enabled drink dispenser.
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Connected Drink Dispenser Workshop

Code and walk-through to assemble, program and build your very own multi-user Amazon FreeRTOS and AWS IoT enabled drink dispenser.

This is the base repository that when cloned, will walk you through the steps to build, deploy, and run in your own AWS account.

The workshop participants will work with hardware and micro controllers, and then interact with their, and others, drink dispensers through a software-a-a-service (SaaS) set of Cloud components.

Getting Started Quickly

First clone the repository locally:

$ git clone

Next, navigate to the connected-drink-dispenser-workshop/docs/hugo/public directory and double-click index.html. This will bring up a local version of the documentation.

From the main Welcome to the Connected Drink Dispenser Workshop! page, click on the Setting Up the Workshop link in the left navigation column. From there you can navigate through the steps to complete prerequisites, deploy the stack, and then to deploy the documentation for participants to use.


Please see the file for details on how to contribute to this repository.

License Summary

This sample code is made available under the MIT-0 license. See the LICENSE file for a complete description.

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