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Data Lineage for Data Lakes Example

This repository contains an example project for building Data Lineage for data lakes using AWS Glue, Amazon Neptune and Spline Agent.

Remarks: This setup works with AWS Glue Data Permissions Model and does not support Lake Formation Permission Model.


  • API: HTTP API powered by an API Gateway and lambda functions
  • Frontend: Vue.js application

Build & Deployment

To deploy the solution to AWS Cloud with terraform, export your AWS Credentials to terraform (AWS Profile or environment variables)

alt text

brew install terraform
git clone
cd data-lineage-for-data-lake-example

# download spline agent jar
wget -O ./asset/lib/spark-3.1-spline-agent-bundle_2.12-0.6.1.jar

terraform init

terraform apply

To build and test the lineage visual application locally:

  • update the lineage backend address in src/lineage-visual/src/main.js
axios.defaults.baseURL = "https://xxx.execute-api.<aws-region>";
cd src/lineage-visual
npm install
npm run serve

Getting started

  • Run the first Glue Job
aws glue start-job-run --job-name "RawToCurated_employee_optimize"
  • Open the lineage visual application
  • Run the second Glue Job
aws glue start-job-run --job-name "CuratedToAggregated_employee"
  • Refresh the lineage visual application


See CONTRIBUTING for more information.


This library is licensed under the MIT-0 License. See the LICENSE file.