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Elastic Beanstalk Multi Container PHP + Tomcat (Virtual Hosting) Demo App

This demo app shows you how to run simple PHP and Tomcat applications together using the PHP, Tomcat and Nginx Docker images from the official Docker library.

Run the App

Follow the steps below to deploy this application to an Elastic Beanstalk Multi-container Docker environment. Accept the default settings unless indicated otherwise in the steps below:

  1. Download the ZIP file from the Releases section of this repository.
  2. Login to the Elastic Beanstalk Management Console
  3. Click 'Create New Application' and give your app a name and description
  4. Click 'Create web server' and select an IAM instance profile to use.
    Note: Please ensure the IAM instance profile you select has the necessary permissions. For more information, see Container Instance Role
  5. Choose 'Multi-container Docker' in the 'Predefined configuration' dropdown and click Next
  6. Upload the ZIP file downloaded in step 1
  7. Review and launch the application