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Runnging Wikipedia SparkSQL example on Amazon EMR

The document shows how to run a simple word count example for files sitting on Amazon S3

#Contents This project has two files

  • build.sbt File containing the build defination
  • WikiS3SparkSQL.scala Our word count code

Querying data sitting in S3 bucket


Each line in the log file has four fields: projectcode, pagename, pageviews, and bytes. A sample of the type of data stored in Wikistat is shown below.

en Barack_Obama 997 123091092
en Barack_Obama%27s_first_100_days 8 850127
en Barack_Obama,_Jr 1 144103
en Barack_Obama,_Sr. 37 938821
en Barack_Obama_%22HOPE%22_poster 4 81005
en Barack_Obama_%22Hope%22_poster 5 102081

Build using SBT

Download the two files and build this project using SBT. Keep in mind to maintain the directory structure


#Submitting code to cluster Copy your project JAR to your [Amazon EMR] cluster running Spark and from command line run the following command. This will submit our spark job to cluster and print the results on screen.

MASTER=yarn-client /home/hadoop/spark/bin/spark-submit --class WikiS3SparkSQL /path/to//example-wikisparksql_2.10-1.0.jar

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