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FIWARE: Orion and Cygnus on AWS

This guide will help you to deploy Fiware's Orion and Cygnus components into a serverless architecture.

What does this repository include?

  1. An AWS CDK project in charge of provisioning the basic infrastructure with a VPC Network, Security Groups and two managed Databases, one Amazon Aurora Serverless (PostgreSql) and one Amazon DocumentDB. These are represented in the following stacks:
  • Network Stack
  • DocumentDB Stack
  • Aurora Stack
  1. A docker-compose generator to provisioning AWS ECS Fargate instances, ALBs with Firewall WAF rules. This is a nodeJS script that runs after the CDK and it will automatically generate two docker-compose one for each service.


  • First, this architechture is deployed with AWS CDK as follows.

CDK Architecture

  • Finally, the architecture is deployed with Docker Compose CLI as follows.

Docker Compose Architecture

How to use it?

1. Infrastructure

Deploy Infrastructure. Firstly, creating an AWS profile is recommended if you do not have it.

2. Configuring WAF for ALB

Security is very important and out of the box, the service is blocking all connections to the service. You need to add your public IP to AWS WAF for the Orion service ALB (Application Load Balancer). You can use the included waf.json.sample file that shows how to configure denylist and allowlist.

The deploy script will generated a docker-compose file that includes CloudFormation entries with IPSetReferenceStatement, and Rate-based rule statement under the WebACL resource in the x-aws-cloudformation property for the firewall configuration.

You should start by copying the sample file, then you edit your settings in your own waf.json

cp waf.json.sample waf.json

If your allowlist is an empty array [], your endpoint will be public and this message will be showed while deploying:

[WARN] WAF Allow list is empty, this makes the service to be public

You can edit the waf.json file anytime, but you will have to run the docker compose command again to update the service as needed.

3. Deployer script

The basic infrastructure and the docker-compose generator are executed by this bash script:


After the deployment is completed, you can see these services running in you AWS account.

AWS Service Description
AWS Fargate Containers for Orion and Cygnus
Application Load Balancer (ALB) Load Balancer for Orion and Cygnus web api.
Amazon DocumentDB Database for Orion
Amazon Aurora Serverless Database for Cygnus
AWS WAF Web Application Firewall for the ALB. *

NOTE: WAF rules for the ALBs can be changed, please see this reference.

4. Start Orion and Cygnus services

4.1 Prerequisites

  1. Install docker.
  2. Create docker context for FIWARE environment. if you already have a context for orion and cygnus, you can just use it.
docker context create ecs <context-name>
? Create a Docker context using: [Use arrows to move, type to filter]
  > An existing AWS profile  <- You can use the profile you created here.
docker context use <context-name>

4.2 Deploy FIWARE Orion

docker compose -p orion -f docker/orion/docker-compose.yml up

4.3 Deploy FIWARE Cygnus

docker compose -p cygnus -f docker/cygnus/docker-compose.yml up


Loadtest for FIWARE Components provides laodtest for FIWARE.

Clean up

If you need to clean up the resources, please follow steps below.

Delete the FIWARE services

Orion: docker compose -p orion down

Cygnus: docker compose -p cygnus down

Deprovision Infrastructure

[WARN] All data will be deleted by this step.

npm run cdk destroy -- --all --profile <AWS_PROFILE>

Additional Topics

MongoDB as context database for Orion

If you have a MongoDB cluster, like Atlas, you can edit the docker-compose file for orion with these options:

  • dbhost
  • rplSet
  • dbuser
  • dbpwd
command: ...
  /usr/bin/contextBroker -fg -multiservice -ngsiv1Autocast -disableFileLog -dbhost <MontoDB Atlas cluster's endpoint array including 27017 port> -rplSet <MontoDB Atlas replica set shard name> -dbuser <MontoDB Atlas user> -dbpwd <MongoDB Atlas password> -dbDisableRetryWrites -logLevel $${ORION_LOGS_LEVEL}

Replace parameter values for Orion below with ones MongoDB Atlas provided.

Useful docker compose cli command


To get the application logs.

docker compose --project-name <project name> logs


To get service information deployed on ECS.

docker compose --project-name <project name> ps

NAME                                          SERVICE             STATUS              PORTS
task/orion/a6033a645faa4cd89c474ba950188ff5   orion               Running   >1026/http
task/orion/d869b3ca63b241c0801c46488d3791ba   orion               Running   >1026/http


To transform docker-compose.yml into a CloudFormation template.

docker compose --project-name <project name> convert

AWSTemplateFormatVersion: 2010-09-09
      Description: Service Map for Docker Compose project ecs-text
      Name: ecs-text.local
      Vpc: vpc-cd1d32b6
    Type: AWS::ServiceDiscovery::PrivateDnsNamespace
      ClusterName: ecs-text
        - Key: com.docker.compose.project
          Value: ecs-text
    Type: AWS::ECS::Cluster


Follow the demo from the published blog: How to build smart cities with FIWARE Orion Context Broker and Cygnus on AWS

Known Issues

DocumentDB vs MongoDB


This project is licensed under the GPL v3 License. See the LICENSE file.This library is licensed under the GPL v3 and the MIT-0 License. See the LICENSE.MIT-0 file.


An implementation for FIWARE Orion and Cygnus on AWS.



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